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  •  Convenient location - private sector of Kyiv, near the historical sites and business part of the Kyiv.

  •   We care about environment and we are first hotel in Ukraine which is cooperating with the Green Global Standard. We also grow vegetables and fruits for our Guests ourselves and buy other products from local farmers.

  •  All rooms enjoy 4-star comfort. Internet is available in all rooms, hall, lobby and garden. Free parking. 

  •  Private garden with rest areas. In warm months you can relax in lounge chair and to try fruits from the garden.

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  •  We want you to get to know Kyiv the way we know it. To feel the atmosphere of its streets, coffee shops and unusual places. We are ready not only to tell you about them, mark them on the map, and give you some pieces of advice but also to take you around the city for you to see it through our eyes.


  •  Ukrainian cuisine is not only about borsch and varenyky and we are ready to show you modern Ukrainian cuisine which we created while traveling through Ukraine. We adopted traditions as well as added our own ideas.

  •  The best way to discover a country is through its traditions. Christmas, Easter, Kupala, Spasa and a huge bunch of other lively holidays. We are ready to help you become a part of them and the experience the culture of our country. 

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  • 12.10.2016 Craft Beer Fest in Kiev
    In Kiev will be held the first festival of Ukrainian Craft Beer! 
  • 27.09.16 The festival of Georgian culture Tbilisoba
    The festival is dated for the Day of Tbilisi. You will be offered  performances by the Georgian and Ukrainian musicians. Across the street will be installed kiosks where you can buy Georgian souvenirs, try khachapuri and chacha. As part of the festival , different master classes and competitions related to Georgia will be held.
  • 12.09.2016 Ukraine Avia Fest at the Ukraine State Aviation Museum

     When: 16-18 September (from 10am to 7pm)

    Where: Kyiv,  Medova, 1  Str. (Ukraine State Aviation Museum)
    How to get there: taxi № 499 from Vasylkivska metro station (free shuttle from the hotel to the Vasylkivska metro station) stop - near the airport  Zhuliany, then 10 minutes walk to the Ukraine State Aviation Museum; Bus №220 (bus stop "Kirovohradska", 10 minutes from hotel) goes to the Ukraine State Aviation Museum.
    How much: for children under 14 years  free entrance, adult ticket costs 100 UAH.
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