For exhibition participants in Kyiv

If you plan to visit Kyiv for Exhibition we will take care about you and offer our “All Inclusive” package. Package includes: 

  • Transfer  Boryspol Airport-Oselya Hotel- Boryspol Airport
  • Transfers Hotel – Exhibition –Hotel (3 transfers)
  • Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Parking

Also “All Inclusive” service package with transfer from railway station, bus station or International Airport Kiev (and transfer back). Please contact us to get the price or +38 050 380 77 56 (Viber, Transfer, WhatsApp)            


Also you can order each service separately:

  • Hotel room – from 35.5 EUR
  • Transfer Boryspol Airport – Oselya Hotel – Boryspol Airport – 28 EUR
  • Transfer International Airport Kiev or railway station – Oselya Hotel - International Airport Kiev or railway station – 12.5 EUR
  • Car transfer Hotel –Exhibition  – Hotel – 10.5 EUR
  • Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Parking - free
  • Services of interpreter in Hotel – 8.5 EUR/Hour

After exhibitions you can have a rest in our cozy hotel or garden and enjoy the calmness in city.           

Payment methods: by cash, credit card, bank payment

We provide all documents for reporting on a business trip

Free transfer to Vasylkivska metro station and from Vasylkivska metro station to Oselya Hotel (nearly 5 min).

RESERVATION: +38 050 3807756 or +38 044 2588221 

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