Wedding in Kyiv


If you need only a room for wedding night or photo session before wedding, pay attention to «Honey bee dance room» and «Sky on clouds». We will decorate the room, present champagne and offer a brunch and late check-out.

We know what day is the most importantin your life. That’s why we offer you to entrust us with your wedding ceremonyorganization. We will do our best to make your big day special. We will fill it with original details that you love. You can fully give oneself up to the most important day in your life without the slightest hesitation.

We prepared three suggestions for you that can be complemented or changed according to your ideas.


Outdoor wedding ceremony MINI
Decoration of alcove + fabric 8000 UAH
Bouquet of fiancée + a boutonniere 2700 UAH
Decorated desk for registration of marriage 1200 UAH
MC 3000 UAH
Sound equipment 2500 UAH
Organization of ceremony MINI 2000 UAH
Room for married couple 10576 UAH
Rent of tent  1500 UAH
Coordinator of ceremony 0 UAH
Rent of the territory 1100 UAH/hour



Outdoor wedding ceremony CLASSIC 
Decoration of alcove + fabric 12000 UAH
Bouquet of fiancée + a boutonniere 3000 UAH
Decorated desk for registration of marriage 1500 UAH
MC 3500 UAH
Sound equipment 2500 UAH
Organization of ceremony CLASSIC 2500 UAH
Coordinators, 2 persons 0 UAH
Chairs for guests - 20 5000 UAH
Accessories (pillow, pen) 800 UAH
Musician to meet guests 3200 UAH
Photographer – 2 hours 1500 UAH
Room for married couple 1576 UAH
Rent of the territory 1100 UAH/hour




Outdoor wedding ceremony PREMIUM  
Decoration of alcove by natural flowers and lacy fabric 15000 UAH
Bouquet of fiancée + a boutonniere 4000 UAH
Decorated desk for registration 1500 UAH
MC 4000 UAH
Sound equipment  2500 UAH
Organization of ceremony PREMIUM 3000 UAH
Coordinators - 2 persons  UAH
Chairs for guests - 20 7000 UAH
Accessories (little pillow, pen, flute-glass decoration, box for money) 3000 UAH
Musicant to meet guests 3200 UAH
Photographer for 2 hours 2000 UAH
Boutonnieres for chairs 3500 UAH
MC to meet guests  2000 UAH
Flower-girls, 2 person 1200 UAH
Video - 2 hours  2000 UAH
The stylist for the bride (hair + make-up) 3000 UAH
Rent of tent 3500 UAH
Awning for aperitif 750 UAH
Room for couple  1576 UAH
Rent of the territory  1100 UAH an hour
*Food for guests 450 UAH per person (without drinks)  


Territory and alcove can be rented by you separately, if you have already determined with the organizers of wedding or prefer to do everything by yourself. The price for territory and alcove rent is – 1100 UAH/hour.

Also, you can rent the hotel, all hotel rooms and territory will be devoted to your big day. The price for rent is 11000 UAH/day.

We will be glad to meet with you in "Оselya" and show you everything, answer all questions you have and talk about your wedding. We love wedding events +38 044 258 82 81 or