Our Team

Victoria - optimistic global scale, which can be found all over the pros. Adore Kyiv, especially walk on Pdol or drink coffee  with a good book.Vita believes that small achievements more important than large, but nevertheless in the dance competition Ukraine won first place. Victoria inspispires by fiction novels and contemporary music. He convinced that the best holiday - a holiday in the mountains. Fresh air, ethereal landscapes, and best friend.
Nastya is fond of travelling and she dreams to visit all countries in the world. Her nearest future is to reach the Arctic Region  and see aurora. Nastya enjoys communicating with fascinating and bright people, whom she is inspired by. She plays the violin, adores dancing and is interested in reading books by Bruno Ferrero. Nastya strongly believes that nothing is impossible, so she builds up her own personality and makes plans for the future.
Dmytro, Oksana and Olexander - here we are :)
Yuriy and Liudmyla are our parents. The idea to create the hotel belongs to them. If not their extremely demanding attitude towards quality hotel could be finished five years earlier. So many things they made by their own hands and so many details emerged as a result of family discussions. And it is worth it!